Click for Nyssa, Oregon Forecast
Daylight Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield (FARS)
Solar Radiation Sensor
Rain Collection Heater
UPS Power Supply
Web Controlled Power Switch with Auto Ping
Weather Station Davis Vantage Pro 2
Auxiliary Equipment

Mounting Location is 25 feet from ground with 6 foot tripod
extension to machine shed roof.  Daylight FARS mitigates heating impact from metal roof.

Power setup for weather station, internet and accessories.  Main power is buffered by UPS and web control allows remote on / off of rain collection heater.
Solar Radiation Sensor Data - very cool
Screen shot of the rain collection heater application during a storm that dumped 1 or 2 inches of snow under below freezing conditions (20 F).  Rain equivalent of measured snow fall is 0.07 inches.

Rain collector heater is turned on via web controlled switch only when the forecast indicates snow or freezing rain.